Organ Trail PC/Mac/Linux Release!

We are happy to announce you can buy Organ Trail right now for PC/Mac/Linux!

We are super excited to be selling through the Humble Store (organizers of The Humble Bundle) because this means if you buy through them, you will retroactively get a Steam key when we get greenlit! You can also get a Desura key from the Humble Store or just buy directly on Desura.

Speaking of… the next wave of games being greenlit is on the 15th. We are currently rank 12! So free free to spread our greenlight page around.

The PC version includes some new expansion content for free:

  • Endless Mode! Play until you die
  • Complete mini challenges as you play to earn more loadouts and modifiers for endless mode.
  • Combat Upgrades
  • Bonus ridiculous physics based driving game
  • Over 40 new road events

We also tightened some knobs, and fixed some bugs so this newest release, 1.6.2, should be pretty solid.

Mobile will be getting updated shortly with the expansion as a 2$ download. (so the prices are the same, really.)

Also, This:

4 Responses to “Organ Trail PC/Mac/Linux Release! on “Organ Trail PC/Mac/Linux Release!”

  • Thanks, this is a fun game.

    Is the faster reload combat skill meant to remove your aiming line? It leads to a lot of misses. The description didn’t mention that tradeoff.

  • Another possible bug – strangers mention that it’s impossible to revive an incapacitated person, but I was able to do so with a medkit. This was in endless mode with a fully infected party.

  • It’s not a bug; you can do it in the normal game as well.

  • I assume when your aiming line disappeared you were playing endless mode? The difficulty slowly increases in endless mode so eventually your aiming bar thingy will also go away. (As it does on hard or suicide difficulty.)

    You can revive incapped party members with medpacks… I might have to double check that stranger’s text to make sure it’s not out of date or something.

    Thanks for playing!

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