[UPDATE] This campaign is now defunct. We still need votes! So vote! But check our blog post on the state of the game and Greenlight.

We are leaving this page up so you can see what it is we were trying to do. Think of it as a Museum of Failed Ideas.

This is a new kind of thing we are calling a "Content Campaign." We are offering to add a ton of stuff to our game in exchange for your participation. Our goal is to be in the top 10 Greenlight games by October 15th so we can get Organ Trail: Director's Cut on Steam by October. Otherwise, at the current rate... it could take 4 months. To learn more about Organ Trail: Director's Cut or Steam Greenlight, check these links below.

What is Organ Trail: Director's Cut?
What is Greenlight?

Just voting for us isn't enough, we need you to share this page with your friends, enemies, sentient plants and anyone else you might bump into on street. A good place to start would be twitter, facebook and your Steam friends list.

[UPDATE:Since moving up in Greenlight appears to be much harder than we thought, we've rearranged the rewards a bit so they are easier to achieve.] As we rise through the ranks, we will be offering a whole bunch of community rewards. Wherever we end up on October 15th will be the reward promise we make to you. Most of these rewards are new content and features for Organ Trail: Director's Cut.

Top 30

-Release by December

-Aim Assist Mode Added

Activate Aim Assist Mode to make combat easier. Play without it for bonus points.

Top 28

-10 New Events Added

-Totally 100% Not-Fake "Making-Of" Blog Post (Real)

Very real explaination of how we made the art and world of Organ Trail. Get a (not-fake) glimpse into the day-to-day of an indie studio.

Top 26

-5 New Car Upgrades Added

Top 24

-Shirt Sale

I will reduce the price of our shirts as low as I can until our game has been out for at least a a month on Steam.

-CRT Filter

PC/Mac/Linux Only. Complete the 1980s effect by turning on this effect. Scan lines and tv tube distortion to the max.

Top 22

-Bonus Station Wagon Physics Minigame

Top 20

-Release by November

-Free Nude Patch

PC/Mac/Linux Only. Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment. All games should have a nude patch.

Top 18

-Linux Support

Top 16

-New Zombie Game (Against my will)

Everyone keeps asking for it. I don't want to do it. But if we reach the top 5, I will begrudgingly make another zombie game. It will be a $0.99 mobile game.

Top 14

-New End Game Boss Fight Added

This may or may not be a giant zombie squid.

Top 12

-Free Combat DLC

PC/Mac/Linux Only (for now.) We will add a pack of new features to enhance the combat in Organ Trail: Director's Cut.

Top 10!!!

-Free Alternate Route DLC

Choose whether to take the safe route or shave off some time by traveling along the radioactive wasteland once known at the west coast. What new terrors might wait beyond?

-New Zombie Game Free on Steam

Remember that game I mentioned up in #5. If we can reach #1 we will include that game as a free DLC add-on to Organ Trail: Director's Cut on Steam. (Possibly for a limited time.)

-20% Off Release Sale

-Release by October!!!

-Mystery Reward

What's in the box?!

If you have any questions or feedback for us, check out this reddit thread. Alternatively, you can find our contact info on the press kit page.

This entire campaign is based on what we know about Steam Greenlight. Valve has been a fickle mistress and any of these dates are subject to change. Hell, they might even greenlight us without being in the top ten if they like us enough. Currently we are basing all this on rank but they keep changing the metrics we can see and share so I will do my best to keep this up to date. The only thing you can really count on here is that if our fans show us a lot of support, we will want to reward them with cool games. We love you guys.

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