Organ Trail Soundtrack

All music is from

All the tracks are under various creative commons licenses.
You can download them all for free!

Washington DC - Love Ignorant by Valzi

Pittsburg - The Black Earth by Heosphoros

Indianapolis - A New Begining by Geir Tjelta

Chicago - The Land of Ghosts by Sputnik Booster

St. Louis - Tree of Daath by Heosphoros

Memphis - b00 by Burnkit2600

Dallas - And I Know You're Happy by 8bit Betty

Albuquerque - Denate by Mattisson

Las Vegas - Dance of the Drones by Receptors

Salt Lake City - Troubled Dreams by Rushjet1

END - End to Joy by Covox

Please support these awesome artist by tracking them down and showering them with lavish gifts.
Most of them don't even know their music is in the game because they made it really hard for me to find them.

If you know people or are people who like to make free music for indie games, we are always looking for cheap labor.

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